Jaken Agencies Ltd offers quality professional services in various sectors. Our team of consultants handles all aspects in these fields and are highly qualified to deal in the following areas:-

1. Real Estate Management
i. Property Management
ii. Property Selling
iii. Property Valuation

2. Building & Construction
i. Architectural Design & Approvals
ii. Construction Supervision
iii. Quality Control
iv. Geotechnical Survey

3. Civil Works
i. Tower Foundation & Erection
ii. General Fabrication

We handle the needs of our client’s diligently and achieve success by offering the best service. The commitment to excel ensures that every consultation is greatly upheld and reviewed with a view of giving the best and improving on the services already provided. We not only inspire and warrant confidence but also maintain professional standards and ethics. Our performance gauge is increasing productivity, skill, efficiency and better service provision.

Jaken Agencies Ltd success is based on our tenets of operations namely:


We guarantee a high degree of efficiency in the disbursement of our services and deliver the desired results. This enables you to save time, reduce costs and stress as a team of efficient professionals is at your disposal.


An ardent professional needs to be competitive in the markets so as to be a benchmark in the industry. We at Jaken Agencies Ltd promise you competitive rates, most recent products and services in the market.


While maintaining professional standards, Jaken Agencies Ltd affords clients flexibility to meet their varying needs at all times. We go the extra step to meet our client’s needs and suit them aptly in their abilities.

Personalised service

We greatly recognize the need to serve clients with the personally touch. Though we target a large spectrum of clientele, our personal touch demystifies real estate dealings and puts Jaken Agencies Ltd ahead in the industry.

Market Edge

Our services and products are a benchmark and an up-date in the industry. To maintain our market edge, we have launched our website, www.jakenagncies.co.ke which aims at bringing our services closer and afford clients the convenience of transacting with us. A consultation of our site dissectsJaken Agencies Ltd.


Real estate is a capital oriented investment that requires prudent and sincere management for sustainability. We are guided by the principle of honesty and frankness and your first interaction with us confirms this.


Jaken Agencies Ltd is a team of real estate consultants each specializing in a specific discipline of the real estate sector. This enables us to pool our services and afford the client a one-stop shop for all real estate matters.